Beiteddine: Oriental fairy-tale Palace

Welcome to Mount of Tabbouleh

So I moved to Lebanon in April, 2016. The first weeks felt like vacation, and I wasn’t realizing yet that I had to consider this state as my HOME. And as any classical tourist I wanted to visit the sights, to make new discoveries. Admittedly, my husband didn’t put any pressure on me and didn’t try to convince me that the « vacation » was over. He carefully worked on the routes and new interesting places to see on every weekend.

By the way, here’s the fact about Lebanese youth: even though the country is as tiny as the pea, the majority hasn’t been anywhere apart from nearby towns or beaches. They are completely not interested in history and attractions of their motherland. They go to beaches, camping and parties in summer time or skiing in winter. No one is basically interested in museums or ancient ruins inside the country. In recent years…

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