Les paysages libanais


L’évolution des paysages de pierre sèche au mont Liban


De Beyrouth à Lyon : une exposition sur les paysages libanais


Les paysages viticoles de la Bekaa



Promenades Libanaises – La grotte de Jeita


Malikah – ya imra2a (« Woman »)

Malikah, but a woman from Lebanon – but the world!

Woman, I’m talking to you as I’m a woman like you are.
I’m not exaggerating. It’s time for us to confront and plan for you.
Woman, voice the cry of freedom in the name
of every woman who cried or suffered in the name of humanity.
This is the message, follow it in detail.
The man has decided that the destiny of your life is his to direct.
Don’t live in confusion. Go work and earn money.
Walk with me in this march. Love your sister and forget jealousy.
If a girl spends the night out, they say she’s not righteous.
But for a man it’s fine to stay out until the morning.
This is the reality that she tolerates.
You should take care of him like a child holding his feeding bottle.
And after school, stay independent
and you will continue to be like the whole story (i.e., important). This is for us to resolve.
We want to make progress, we want to learn, we want to shine, & we want to control our lives.

Ladies, toughen up.
Young girls are always proud.
Leave inflated self esteem aside, we have power that will help-help
Without our blessings they are worthless.

Yes, you are beauty and security.
You are the one who has cared for man for ages.
Yes, you are the one who raises these generations.
Wherever you are, you carry tenderness.
You are the most beautiful rose in the garden. I wanna make
a dress of jasmine for you from this spring.
Everyone longs for you. You are the mother
and no one is more important than you who carries this burden as you do.
I am talking to the world with no criticism.
Come on queen, move forward!
Nine months and you are not feeling
what your mother was going through. Kiss her hands and give thanks.
She sacrifices her life for the children and the home
even if she’s deprived of her food! Kiss her hands and give thanks.
Remember who loved you, kept you safe, and brought you up,
who put you on your way. Tell me, for the love of God!

Ladies, toughen up.
Young girls are always proud.
Leave inflated self esteem aside, we have power that will help-help
Without our blessings they are worthless.

Come on! Sing with me, march with me in this precious cause.
Come on! Sing with me, march with me in this precious cause.
We will not let anything stop us.
We were imprisoned and we felt disgusted.
We’re all united and we know
that the taste of responsibility and freedom never perishes.

Ladies, toughen up.
Young girls are always proud.
Leave inflated self esteem aside, we have power that will help-help
Without our blessings they are worthless.

Qusai: Explain that you are an only daughter among thirteen children.
Malikah: It’s very nice and I meet many young people who are interested in me
and I give them a shout-out. I’m thankful for everything you’re doing to help me.
And, most definitely, I love that girls are learning and seeing that if a girl does rap,
she will even be, I mean, I say to the young people out there that she is the strongest!
So I encourage every Arab girl who is interested in hip hop and who wants girls
to speak about our nations – I mean, it’s the responsibility of the Arab woman.

صباحكم حب من قهوتي بحبكم في الله أصدقائي 😍😘


Le bon café libanais se prépare à l’aide de la fameuse cafetière orientale : la rakweh.




Tasseography (coffee readings)

Fast forwarding to the 21st century, it seems as if nearly every coffee shop in Beirut and beyond has a resident ‘coffee reader’: Kahwet Leila in Gemmayzeh, Cappuccino in Achrafieh, Public in Antelies, just to name a few. There are countless others; all you need to do is ask around.



Lebanese Bassarah App to Read Your Coffee, and Fortune



Lebanese Coffee Najjar


Le café blanc du Liban…en réalité une tisane






Sfouf : gâteau au curcuma

Cuisine à Saveur Libanaise


  • 3 tasses de semoule
  • 1 tasse de farine
  • 2 tasses de sucre
  • 3 c.s. de levure rapide
  • 3 c.s. de curcuma
  • 1 tasse de lait
  • 1 tasse d’huile végétale
  • Tahini
  • Poignée de pignons de pin

Préparation :

  1. Préchauffer le four à 200 C;
  2. Bien mélanger les ingrédients secs : semoule, farine, sucre, levure, curcuma;
  3. Faire un trou au milieu et introduire l’huile et le lait;
  4. Bien mélanger le tout jusqu’à homogénéisation de la pâte;
  5. Étaler avec une pince du tahini dans le fond et sur les parois d’un plat allant au four;
  6. Verser et étaler la pâte;
  7. Décorer avec les pignons de pin;
  8. Enfourner pendant environ 28 minutes;
  9. Laisser refroidir et apprécier.


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A la découverte de Mar Mkhaël I …

Un peu de tout

Nous avons souvent tendance à aller découvrir de nouveaux pays à chaque fois que nous avons quelques jours de vacances. Nous payons des sommes énormes pour aller voir les foules s’empresser pour admirer un coucher de soleil à Oia, alors qu’au Liban le soleil se couche de mille millions de façons différentes suivant la région, l’angle de vue, etc…Nous payons des sommes énormes et nous faisons profiter le tourisme de plein de pays juste pour se prélasser sur une plage ou découvrir les cachettes secrètes de quelques petites ruelles! Et le Liban dans tout ça?! Est-ce que vous connaissez les souks de Tripoli, les petits recoins de Saida, la région de Jezzine, les belles demeures historiques du Nord et la liste s’allonge. Personnellement je dirai non! En arabe il y a un dicton que j’aime bien « الكنيسة القريبة ما بتشفي »et que j’ai tendance à expliquer ainsi, l’église du quartier n’est…

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