Phoenician Women


The Character of the Phoenician Women was famous and impressive to the western known world and also its eastern part since the expansion days of the Phoenician traders, the rise of the alphabet and some handful innovations brought with these ancestors to the 4 corners of the Globe .

Europa the Phoenician princess

First comes to mind when speaking of Phoenician women is the beautiful princess Europa, abducted by Zeus the Greek highest God from the shores of Sidon after many falling for her, and later Zeus named the whole continent after Her.
Agenor her father, refusing such a disgrace, sent his 3 brothers Cadmus,Kiliks, and Phoenix to the 3 known directions of the world in order to retrieve his daughter and thus his family honor .

Elissa-Dido on a Carthaginian tetradrachm

A great mythical character shows also in the founding myth of Carthage, where Elissa the Tyrian leader (AKA…

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