Help to Lebanon … or the art of pretending

I am shocked by the visits of the international community to Lebanon, which under the guise of so-called diplomatic negotiations, between threats of sanctions and tears for the dying population, are not concretely effective or benevolent.

Moreover, this interference in the country’s politics and the lack of international coordination to provide direct aid to the most essential sectors of Lebanese life (agriculture, banking, health) are the best proofs.

The Lebanese want this blackmail to end, it is no longer time to negotiate, because it is now a critical emergency.

Finally, I invite to think about designing an empowering process for food production, as well as alternative transport systems. All this requires investments which can be ensured by international aid through specific programs.

Let me remind you that Lebanon has taken in thousands of refugees, displaced by conflicts generated by foreign countries.
Now is the time to bring justice to this country and its people, who had always shown solidarity.

To let die a cross-cultured country like Lebanon without doing anything is a criminal act.

Political and ideological divisions have no place here.

Then will you really help Lebanon ….or will you just pretend to do it?

© Audrey Jacob – Freelance consultant for Lebanon and Autonomous Basque Country

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