Taxis in Beirut


Ponton taxis in Beirut, circa 1958; the building on the left is the main police station

Taxi Beirut is a documentary film directed by Hady Zaccak, produced by Issam Dakroub that stars three average taxi drivers. It was released on October 8, 2011 BIFF, the Beirut International Film Festival. It was produced by the Al-Jazeera documentary channel. The movie follows a day in the life of three Lebanese taxi drivers working in the metropolitan city of Beirut.

It features the taxis going around the Beirut area, picking up tourists and locals alike. The three taxi drivers are Beirut residents of different religious and cultural backgrounds and give the viewers a picture of the pros and cons of Lebanon’s diverse population.

The movie includes Arabic, English and French dialogue. The movie has a 51-minute running time and is still circulating film festivals across Europe and the Middle East.


Monroe, Kristin V. – The Insecure City: Space, Power, and Mobility in Beirut.



MERCEDES 240 D TAXI BEIRUT 1970 French Magazine Taxis du Monde

Salah Nader – Tours in Lebanon

24/7 Taxi services and private tours driver up

My review about this company after having first a day trip to Jeita Lebanese Marine and Wildlife Museum – The Nahr al-Kalb ( Dog River) – Jeita Grotto / the “Independence Museum » (Haret Sakher)/Byblos and a ride to the College Notre Dame de Jamhour to meet the curator of the Lebanese Musical Heritage Center.

« Qualified taxi company at an honest price for a scheduled travel or appointment. Organization of tours in Lebanon and if you have specific places to see they can be included.
Luxury air-conditioned vehicle
Friendly and available driver »

In the city of Beirut, my advice is instead of always asking for a taxi, to orientate yourself with a plan by walk, first because you will always find someone to help to find your way, second because you can note any details and enjoy teaching places to people (foreigners or lebanese!) they don’t even heard about. And what a better pride to live, love and learn as a local…



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