« Later, when I have departed and entered the kingdom of heaven, if I have completed my task well, and if something remains of all my daily writings, some keen ‘schoolboy’ or hardworking historian will discover it. And some future publication will reveal these forgotten words like a secret. The ideas, hopes, passions and dreams that occupy me, the flood that inundates my thoughts according to the phases of the moon, the vigour which rises in my soul, everything that I record in the fires of ‘cogitation’, and that I bear as a testimony—this whole explosion will one day be nothing more than the flimsy fabric of memories. 
But my hope and expectation is that the few who have the opportunity to escape the night and ‘land in far away eras’ will testify to an unwavering faith. Faith is like a seed which encourages me to work in both the present and the hereafter, if God wills it. The task now, however, is to construct a land on earth where people, minds and love can grow. »
An Introductory Note « Domestic Politics »


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