« The Shouf Biosphere Reserve covers about 5% of the overall area of Lebanon and extends along the ridge of the western chain of Mount Lebanon from Dahr-el Baidar in the north to Jezzine in the south and overlooks both the Bekaa valley to the east and the Shouf valley to the west. The mostly treeless summit of the Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve forms the skyline of a large part of southern Lebanon.  » – Unesco

A world class Biosphere Reserve where natural and cultural heritage are conserved, resources are treated as wealth, investment receives due care, and development is controlled by citizens, businesses, and the managing authority



Robert Greeley, Visiting Instructor in Arabic, Middlebury College

« Protected areas have undergone a powerful and sustained social critique, however, very little of this it addresses biosphere reserves and only a small fraction addresses the zoning practices of biosphere reserves.

This talk is based on months of interviews and participant observation with biosphere personnel, police, politicians, Shouf residents and hunters in the transition zone of the Shouf Biosphere reserve. « 

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