Haifa Wehbe

Tomorrow desire will call you…

You’re thinking I’ll reproach you
And blame you and judge you

Tomorrow desire will call you

And I will see you with me and you will demand my satisfaction
Tomorrow you will see with your own eyes habibi

If you think my feelings are a toy
Start behaving in a reasonable manner
Tomorrow the separation will torture your heart
And it will melt from desire

Oh you will stay up so many nights with your heart on fire
You will feel everything that has happened to me
And you will come to me bewildered





قيصر الجميل رسام النساء الجميلات والطبيعة الساحرة



La Bekaa Express

Baalbeck, Liban /34°0’N 36°12’E / 1994 (…) Descente versant Liban, parmi des voyous aux volants. Des dépassements hasardeux. Des Mercedes de tous âges, souvent sans immatriculation (…). Dans les derniers virages on aperçoit les vastes cultures de la Beeka. Ce pourrait être le grenier du Liban, de toute la région; les spécialités actuelles sont le […]

via La Beeka express — Grand Geocoucou

Gabriel Cesar Bufe


The Belly Dance and the Dabke

Woman in love with the magic of a gentleman.

Two cultures that merge to achieve a new concept.

Natalia Torres and Gabriel Cesar Bufe interpret and transmit the essence of the romance, giving Roses with Game of Looks and Dance.


Dabke por Gabriel Cesar Bufe