Leila Min Lebnen

Cloud of Lace

Leila Min Lebnen, literally translates to ‘Leila from Lebanon,’ is relatively a newly established destination for authentic Lebanese cuisine, since back to 2006. It’s owners have now expanded the brand to include two delightful new outlets Kahwet Leila (Leila’s Coffee shop) and Matbakh Leila (Leila’s kitchen).

Leila restaurant has many branches in Lebanon, and in Beirut itself, as well as the GCC and now Alexandria. I always used to visit its very first branch in ABC Mall Achrafieh, however, I have fell in love, thanks to a couple of my friends, with the one in Dbayeh. Purely delightful! & I’m not just talking about the food here.

Photo courtesy of Leila Restaurant

Photo via my iPhone

It’s decoration is a simple and modern mix of vintage Lebanese items: labels of music icons, traditional coffee sets, shelves of mason jars and clay pots of traditional jam, syrups, vinegar bottles and labneh…

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