Watani bya3refni – Ghassan Saliba (English lyrics)


Picture taken by Teddy Maroun Photography


My nation (homeland) knows me and I know my nation

It is rich with me and I am rich with my nation

It planted me in its soil/land

And I planted it in the whole world

I know the house and I know the neighborhood and the doors

And I’ve come back searching for my past

I recall where I carved my name, on the window sill

If only I could separate the depression of absence

Without you, is a depressing absence

Open up for me, my nation

My sadness is deep, keeps people at a distance

A structured morality

And leave behind the (karam is like a piece of land kind of like a garden or field where you plant things, baydar is an area where you grind wheat and manajel are the hook-like metal that they used in the old days where they would chop the wheat)

And steal the love of those who love me and leave

But now it is time, the ship has arrived and the letters came

Open up for me, my nation

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