Horsh Beirut Campaign


Public Space for Public Life – مساحة عامة للحياة العامة
Horsh Beirut Campaign documentary
In the framework of the « Together to re-open and re-activate Horsh Beirut » campaign, NAHNOO organised public debate on the status of Horsh Beirut, the only existing park in our capital city.
The meeting took place at Hotel Crowne Plaza on 17/1/2015.Speakers:
– Mr. Nadim Abou Rizk (engineer and Vice-President of Beirut Municipality)
As a representative of the Municipality, Mr. Abou Rizk updated us on the situation of Horsh Beirut and shed light on the possibility of a future re-opening.
– Mr. Naji Assi, (Architect and Professor at the American University of Beirut).
As an urban planning expert, Mr. Assi shared his view on the landscape of the Horsh and Municipality’s master plan.
– Mr. Mohammad Ayoub Executive Director NAHNOO NGO).
As leading activist in the campaign, Mr Ayoub coordinated the public forum and expressed the civil society’s concerns.

The audience participated in an opened discussion voicing their opinions, demands and asking for clarifications from the Beirut Municipality.

The event was successful with over than 200 participants and active interaction


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